We won! Thank you for your support!

A big “Thank You” to everyone who supported me during this election! This has been a group effort from its inception twelve years ago, and once again we have been victorious.  The only way I was able to spread my message was through you, and together we were successful in getting that word out to the voters of Petaluma.

Our victory in this election is a credit to all of you who have helped at every step of the way: walking precincts both with me and on your own, reaching out to friends and neighbors, addressing and stuffing envelopes, writing postcards, writing letters to the editor, contributing money, putting up yard signs at your homes and businesses — we RAN OUT OF YARD SIGNS in the final week, all 750 of them; and, most of all, voting for reason over fear, thought over emotion, and integrity over special interests.

The job ahead is a difficult one, without easy answers or quick fixes.  I will continue to need your support as we move ahead, providing services to Petalumans while protecting what is best about our city. This is a time to reach out and work together with all Petalumans for our city’s fiscal health. We will need to keep working hard to secure the best outcome for our city.

I want to continue to hear from you. And, I ask you to stay involved, and to get even more involved. Petaluma needs its progressive voice to be heard at every level. Continue to support those on our Council who speak for what is best for Petaluma — today, tomorrow and for the next four years.


Teresa Barrett

Teresa Barrett for Petaluma Mayor

As a three-term city council member, I have long championed open discussion and cooperative community action to meet our city’s challenges. As Mayor, I will continue as the voice of reason in Petaluma as we address the issues facing our city now: traffic, affordability and livability. I am asking the voters of Petaluma to work with me so that together we can make Petaluma a better place to live, to work, to enjoy and to thrive.

Together, we will:

  • Relieve Traffic Congestion
    As your councilmember, I have worked to advance the Rainier crosstown connector by securing the necessary funding — not by taxing Petaluma residents! Traffic and development are linked. Under my leadership, we will maintain our voter-approved Urban Growth Boundary. We must focus on transit-oriented smart growth, oppose urban sprawl and consistently work to address traffic problems  — while providing much-needed housing.
  • Improve Housing Affordability
    By working with both local coalitions and state and federal representatives, we can access enhanced funding for transit-oriented development that includes housing for all residents. I will continue to deliver the best for Petaluma and continue to oppose projects that degrade our community and promise gridlock.
  • Fix Our Streets
    We must prioritize street repair and maintenance and address this issue citywide. I will work to find and allocate federal, state and regional dollars to maximize our street improvement programs.
  • Support Our Kids
    The East Washington ball fields and recreation complex needs to be completed. Let’s get the job done!
  • Achieve Fiscal Responsibility
    My ability to adopt balanced budgets while maintaining public safety and park services has been on record since 2007. Increasing our hotel tax and requiring developers to pay their own way will help to secure the funding the city needs for important services — without taxing you!

I believe the time is right to take the next step to serve this city I have called home for almost 40 years. Please help me make Petaluma work for all of us. Join me! 

Teresa Barrett for Mayor 2018 | P.O. Box 901 | Petaluma, CA 94953-0901

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