“Councilmember Teresa Barrett has the judgment, temperament and dedication to be a great Mayor for Petaluma. I look forward to working with her on affordable housing options, traffic relief and dredging the Petaluma River to sustain navigation, recreation and improve flood control.”

Congressman Jared Huffman, 2nd District

 “Teresa Barrett is an effective public advocate and I am looking forward to working with her as the next Mayor of Petaluma. We share values on many issues, and I appreciate her strong support for responsible gun violence prevention policies. I am proud to join with the Brady Campaign as an endorser of Barrett for Mayor of Petaluma.”

Congressman Mike Thompson, 5th District

Press Democrat endorses Barrett for mayor

 “The best way to preserve the existing balance of power to ensure that the City Council continues to function smoothly is electing incumbent Councilwoman Teresa Barrett as mayor … She isn’t afraid to make hard, principle-based decisions, even if they aren’t politically popular. A political ally of Mayor Glass, she champions environmental issues and wants developers to adhere to the city’s land-use plans. She has taken heat for past votes against the Rainier crosstown connector but says she supports the project if the city can figure out how to pay for it. Petaluma voters have a difficult task this November. But they can preserve the current balance on an effective City Council by electing Teresa Barrett as mayor …”

— Press Democrat, Oct. 18, 2018

Argus-Courier endorses Barrett for mayor

“Voters this election would be wise to preserve the balance of power on the city’s governing body to ensure that it continues to function smoothly for the next four years. The best way to accomplish this is by electing Teresa Barrett as mayor. She is a proven leader who is not afraid to make hard, principle- based decisions, even if they aren’t politically popular. A political ally of Mayor Glass, she has embraced the ‘progressive’ label, championing environmental issues and pushing developers to provide more benefits to the community. She has taken heat in the past for votes against the Rainier crosstown connector, but she says she supports the controversial project as long as the city can figure out how to pay for it. She is well positioned to tackle Petaluma’s toughest looming challenge — the housing crisis. A supporter of higher developer fees to pay for affordable housing, Barrett is in favor of building more walkable housing projects around transit centers.”

— Petaluma Argus-Courier, Oct. 11, 2018

“The North Bay Labor Council is pleased to endorse Teresa Barrett for Mayor of Petaluma. These are difficult times when working people are under attack more than ever. We believe Teresa is the candidate who will best lead the city of Petaluma and stand by working families.”
– Jack Buckhorn, Executive Director 
– Maddy Hirshfield, Political Director

Public Officials

Jared Huffman, Congressman, 2nd District

Mike Thompson, Congressman, 5th District

Lynn Woolsey, former Congresswoman

Susan Gorin, 1st District Sonoma County Supervisor

David Glass, Mayor of Petaluma

Pamela Torliatt, former Mayor of Petaluma

Bill Wolpert, Petaluma Planning Commissioner, 2009 – present

Mark Landman, Cotati Councilmember

Jake McKenzie, Rohnert Park Councilmember

Deb Fudge, Windsor Town Councilmember

David Keller, former Petaluma Councilmember

Matt Maguire, former Petaluma Councilmember

Janice Cader-Thompson, former Petaluma Councilmember

Gary Broad, former Petaluma Planning Commissioner

Ernie Carpenter, former 5th District Sonoma County Supervisor

Tim Smith, former mayor of Rohnert Park

Craig Litwin, former Sebastopol Mayor

Lee Pierce, former Santa Rosa City Councilmember and current candidate for the Santa Rosa City Council

Heidi Bauer, Petaluma Planning Commissioner

Dennis Elias, former Petaluma Planning Commissioner

Rue Furch, former 5th District Sonoma County Planning Commissioner

Jennifer Pierre, Petaluma Planning Commissioner, 2009-17

Melissa Abercrombie, former Petaluma Planning Commissioner and Parks & Recreation Commissioner

Gary Wysocky, former Santa Rosa City Councilmember

Steve Barbose, former City of Sonoma Councilmember

Marianne Hurley, Petaluma Planning Commissioner, 2009-11

Bob Cox, Cloverdale Planning Commissioner and former City Council member

Curt Johansen, Planning Commisioner, 2009-11

Jocelyn Lin, former Petaluma Planning Commissioner

Community Members

Fred Abercrombie

Pam Adinoff

Bernard Album, former member of Petaluma Bicycle Advisory Committee and Sonoma County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Dave Alden, civil engineer and founder of Petaluma Urban Chat

Bonnie Allen

Kathy Andrew

Amy Appleton

Angela Aquila

Rebecca Avery

Dale Axelrod

Carol Barickman

Dorian Bartley

Isabelle Beardsworth

Diane Bedecarre

Louise Benanti

Martin J. Bennett, college instructor

Suzanne Biaggi

Ellen Bicheler

Michael Bicheler

Bob Billings

Kathleen Billings

Rebecca Birch

Ron Blanquie, retired risk manager, City of Petaluma

Kate Bolton

Donna Brasset-Shearer, cultural anthropologist and instructor at Sonoma State University

Sherri Brungart

Joan Bunn

Richard Burger, attorney

Barry Bussewitz, Solano Community College instructor

Greg Cahill

Fred Carroll, Senior Advisory Committee

Mickie Carroll, community activist

Janie Castles

Madeleine Clare

Suzanne Clarke

Harry Francis Clifford III

Jodi Clinesmith

Mady Cloud, retired teacher

William Cloud

Richard Code

Mary Beth Cohen

Phil Cohen

Sue Conley

Cameron Cook

Paula Cornyn

John Cota

Joseph Cota

Iain Crabb

Carol Crabill

Timothy P. Crowley

Luise Custer

Elaine Daly

Govinda Daly

Jason Davies, former chairman of the Petaluma Technology Advisory Committee

Sally Denman

Maria do Ceu

Jude Domino

Helaine Dorenfeld

Steven Dorenfeld

Kirsten Dumford, physical therapist

Peter Dunlap

Linda Carole Dunwoodie

Carola Edwards

Terry Ehret

Lisa Eldredge

John Eliot

Dan Ellecamp

Adrian Elrod, business owner

Luke Entrup

​Isarael Escudero

Jan Everidge

Tunde Fabian

Sherri Fabre-Marcia

Leland Fishman

Margaret Fishman, Board President, SRJC Board of Trustees

Neal Fishman

William Fishman, attorney

Marilee Ford​

Moniz Franco

Lilyan Frank

Charles Freeman

Perry Freeman

Mike Freitas

Natalie Freitas

Ellen Friedmann

Michael Frost

G Street Action

Ken Gallegos

Robert Gallup

Ginny Galvin, real estate broker

Peter Gang, architect

Caroline Gelsman

Pat Gilardi, former mayor of Cotati

Ed Gilardi, former school board trustee Cotati/Rohnert Park School District

Clint Gilbert

Alexa Glockner

Kate Glose

Mike Glose

Robert Goetzinger

Stan Gold

Hedda Gold

Janet Gracyk, landscape architect

Jean Grant-Sutton, teacher and yoga program director

Anne and Paul Greenblatt, founders of Petaluma Village Network

Helen Griego

Geraldine Groves

Joseph Grubaugh, luthier

Hans Grunt

Jeanne Guest

Lynn Harenberg-Miller

Vanessa Hauswald

Yuri Hauswald

Nan Haynes

Paul Heavenridge, 2nd District Sonoma County Library Commissioner

Harv Heikel

Judy Heikel

Scott Hess

Tina Hittenberger, real estate broker

Amy Hogan

Ed  Hogan

Nathan Hotaling

Amy Humz

Christopher Irvin

Mark Jaderstrom

Susan Jaderstrom

Ann Jaffe

Steve Jaffe

Linda Jay

Heather Jennings

Cheryl Jern

Anton Jimenez

Tami Jimenez

Lorna Johnson

Christine Jones, real estate agent

Melanie Joshua

Pamela Joyce, small business owner and entertainer

Valerie Joyner

Marcia Joynt

Tom Joynt, retired Petaluma educator

Babs Kavanaugh, education and health-care consultant

Gaye Kelly

Lakin Khan, writer and educator

William W. King

Marie Kneemeyer

Lucy Kortum

Michael Kraus

Margaret Kuffel

Amit Kulkami

Gerry LaLonde-Berg

Janice Landman

Andrée Langlois

Michele Larkey

Lynn LaPorte

Paul LaPorte

Peter Lawson

Louise Leff

Roger Leventhal

Jim Lloyd

Nancy Lloyd

Kit Lofroos

Daniel Lyke

Colene Mace

Amy Malaise

Judith Marciante

Tony Marciante

Charlene Marie

Peter Markey

Alison Marks, founding member of Petaluma Arts Council

Laura Mathieson

Celia Mayo

John Meagher

Kathleen Meagher

Carol McKegney

Patricia McBride

Gloria McCallister

Michael McCallister

Jane McDonald

Kevin McDonnell

Barbara McKenzie, Rohnert Park Sonoma County Library Commissioner

Anaise McNaught

Brian Mealins, former member, Petaluma Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee

Eli Melrod

Jon Melrod

Jason Merrick

Jane Meyers

Jude Mion

Greg Mitchell

Guy Modica

Dan Monte, candidate for California State Assembly, District 10

Carol Ann Moore

David Moore

Susan Moore, community activist

Elizabeth Mori

Stephen Mori

Melissa Morita

Suzanne Morvay

Ricardo Murillo

Heather Mutz

John Mutz

Teresa Nelson

Ron Nadeau

Sheryl Nadeau

Donna Norquist, retired physician

Donna Norton, AD 10 elected delegate, CDP

Christopher Oaks

Susan Oaks

Ellen Obstler

Kirsten O’Brien

Sallee O’Dwyer

Diane J. Olberg, IT communications manager

Dorothy Oliker

John Oliver

Diane E. Olson

Jerol O’Hare

Eve O’Rourke

Lawrence C.  O’Shea

Ned Orrett, small business owner and Zone 2A representative

Betty Pagett

Christine Paravicini

Theresa Paris

Patience Patchet

Monica Payne

Nora Lee Pearl

Mark Petrovic

David Perry

Velina Petrovic

Lynne W. Phillips

Everett Pina

Sue Bates-Pintar

Jeff Pintar

Katherine Plank

Dennis Pocekay, retired physician

Ernesto Ponce de Leon

Myrna Ponce de Leon

Sandi Potter

Margaret Potts, retired McNear Elementary School teacher

Cynthia Pullin

Chuck Pyle, Department Head, Academy of the Arts University

Cynthia Rathkey

John Rathkey

Jan Reddick

Sandra Reed

Ellen Reinhold

Greg Reisinger

Valerie Williams Reisinger

Cynthia Renfrew

Richard Reynolds

Naomi Richman

Valerie Richman, former executive director of Mentor Me Petaluma and the Petaluma Arts Center

Pat Riley

Sue Riley

Bill Rinehart, landscape architect and member of Historic and Cultural Preservation Committee

Katherine Rinehart, historian and genealogist

Noreen E. Ringlein

Chuck Robbins, retired SRJC administrator

Gay Robbins, former Casa Grande High School teacher

Gloria Robinson, founding member, Petaluma Blacks for Community Development

Janet Rodd

Richard Rodkin

Susan Rodkin, educator

Michael Rokeach

Sheila Rokeach

Joan Roman

Rebecca Rosenbloom

Stephen Ruggles

Ruth Ann Russell

Chris Samson, retired newspaper editor

Stephanie Sanchez

Linda Sandoval

Rick Savel, former member of Sonoma County Flood Control Zone 2A Advisory Committee

​Kit Schlich, Historic and Cultural Preservation Committee member

Steve Schlich

Lydia Schindler

Steve Schramm

Jennie Schultz

Nancy Schultz

Ed Schultze

Linda Schultze

Jeff Sherman

Julie Sherman

Teri Shore

Rosa Silveira

Merideth Simpson

Rudi Solinger

Alicia Soliz, graduate student/mom

Norman Solomon, policy researcher, Institute for Public Accuracy

David Spellman

Donna Spellman

Maxene Spellman

Andrew Stess

Christopher Stevick

Elaine Stevick

Hope Stewart

Robert Stires

Marilyn Stratford, former Casa Grande principal

Bryce Moore Sumner

David E. Swaney

Marja Tarr

Lynn Terrell, retired SSU teacher

Phyllis Thomas

Bradley Thompson

Robert Thompson

Beverly Voloshin, Professor of English, San Francisco State University

Byron Vonthal

Juli Walters, executive assistant

Ann Wang

Dale Wannen

Dick Warner, restaurant owner

Julie Warner, restaurant owner

Gregg Waugh

Sandy Waugh

Anna Webster

Dave Webster

Eileen Weeks

Dr. Roger Weeks

Henry White

Jerry Wilkinson

Stephanie Wilkinson

Colin Williams

Nan Winters, small business owner

Elaine Woodriff

Kellee Young

Tyler Young

Jacki Yurth

Jill Zweier

Photo credits: Jim Johnson, Scott Hess, Paige Green and Hope Stewart.

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